Have A Child With Headaches And Poor Reading Scores? See If Their Vision Is A Problem

If your child is under-performing in school and constantly complaining about headaches, it's time to get an eye exam to see if your child has some eye or vision problems that need to be corrected.

There are many things that can get missed when they do a basic eye exam at school, and it's important to find out if there is something that needs attention. Consider the following and make the appointment to see a professional eye doctor.

Strain Can Cause Lack of Effort

If your child has to strain to see the print on papers and in books, and then they get a headache while they are trying to focus, this can cause them to give up. It can reduce the amount of effort they want to put into their work and how much they cooperate during the day. Getting the vision corrected can help them feel confident and want to volunteer, be more involved, and give more effort.

Headaches Can Affect Mood

No one enjoys a headache, and often headaches can leave a child feeling irritable throughout the day. This can not just make them irritable but create a negative perception of school in their mind. You don't want them to feel like they are going somewhere every day where they will get a headache, and then carry their dislike of school on into the future.

Vision Problems Can Hold Your Child Back

Vision problems could be causing your child to fall behind in school. This means that they could not be able to progress with reading, in mathematics, and in all other subjects because they don't understand what is going on, and they aren't able to keep up and continue reading on their own.

You want to find out if the reason our child is struggling, and the reason they have a headache is because they have a vision problem. If corrective lenses are needed, this may be able to change not only how your child looks at school, but doing other activities that they usually avoid.

Take your child to a licensed eye professional to find out if they have an underlying vision impairment that has been skipped in other vision screenings, and if they need help to try to correct the problem. Some children are able to outgrow their glasses over time and their vision sometimes improves as they get older and have strengthened their vision with lenses.

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