Winter Dry Eyes? What You Can Do That Can Help

When your eyes are dry, it can feel like your eyelids are like sandpaper, or it may feel like you need to rub your eyes constantly to get moisture in them. During winter, it can feel like this all the time with all of the dry air surrounding you. Dry eyes can lead to eye strain and it can lead to other eye issues as well. If you have dry eyes this winter, there are a few things you could be doing that can help. Read on for a few tips to help treat your dry eyes.

1. Use A Humidifier

Using a humidifier in your home can help with static, dry hair and skin, and it can also help keep your eyes from drying out as well. During winter, the air in your home is going to be very dry, and you're going to notice it with your entire body. Using a humidifier will help. You can invest in small ones in each bedroom of your home, or you can invest in a larger one or one that attaches to your furnace to help control the humidity levels in your home. If you are experiencing dry skin and hair, chances are your dry eyes are most likely from the dry air as well.

2. Wear Sunglasses

Dry eyes from dry air can be the problem but so can the wind and other elements when you're outside. Be sure to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun when you're outside and wear them to protect your eyes from the other elements as well. Keep a pair with you at all times and be sure they protect against UV-A and UV-B rays. Wear them even on an overcast day to protect your eyes and to prevent drying them out.

3. Drink Water

Drinking water can prevent your eyes from drying out. In winter months, most people don't consume enough water as they would in hotter, summer months. Remember to drink water during winter as well, as it's just as important for your body and it can help keep your eyes hydrated.

Winter air can dry out your skin, hair, nails, and even your eyes. Be sure to protect your eyes from this dryness to prevent eye strain and other eye health issues. Talk to your optometrist about other helpful tips to protect your eyes against winter dryness. Make an appointment at an optometry office if you are having issues with your eyes.

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