3 Signs You Should Take Your Child To The Eye Doctor

With kids, it can sometimes be difficult to tell when something is bothering them, especially when they aren't sure if what they are feeling is off or different. Your child may not always convey how they are feeling, as they have no idea. This can be especially true with vision concerns in your child. If your child is having difficulty seeing but has had poor vision their entire lives, they may not even realize that they aren't seeing clearly - this is their own norm. To help you understand if your child is struggling to see, or has vision issues, use the signs below to help guide you.

1. Your Child's Grades Are Worsening

If your child's grades are starting to get worse and worse, it may not be an issue with learning, it may be an issue with their vision. If your child isn't able to see the work they are supposed to be doing, it is going to end up showing in their grades. If your child's vision has always been bad, you may have at one time thought your child had a learning disability, but it was just their vision the entire time. Have your child's eyes checked if there is a noticeable difference in grades.

2. Your Child Sits Close To See Anything

If your child is always leaning in closely to see, it may not be a matter of your child wanting to be extra close, it may simply be that your child is unable to see from farther away. Watch how closely your child sits to see the TV, or how close their handheld device is to their face to see. Keep an eye on whether or not your child squints to see anything, or has a hard time adjusting their focus after looking at a device. 

3. Your Child Complains Of A Headache Often

If your child is complaining of headaches often, it may be because of a vision issue. Your child may be straining to see all day long, which is resulting in those headaches. If your child is complaining often about headaches, get them into the eye doctor for an eye appointment to have their eyes checked.

If you aren't sure if your child is experiencing vision issues, watch out for these signs. If you suspect a vision issue, take your child to the eye doctor for an eye exam. Children that are in school should have their vision checked at least once per year. 

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