4 Important Tips For Wearing Contacts

If you have vision issues and need to correct your vision to see better, it is important to understand how to effectively wear your contact lenses to maximize their benefits to your life.

#1: Don't Use Tap Water

It is vitally important to keep your contact lenses clean, as they come into direct contact with the surface of your eye. When it comes to cleaning your contact lenses, don't use tap water. Tap water is safe to drink; however, it is not safe to wash your contacts with. It will leave behind residue that isn't safe for your contact lenses.

Instead, you are going to want to clean your contact lenses with a saline solution. This will help keep all contaminants from your contacts. You should clean your contacts when you take them out, before you put them in a contact lens case, and before you put them on.

Always put the cap back on you the cleaning solution to keep it sanitary. Make sure you use it before the expiration date.

#2: Use a Case

Next, you don't want just to set your contact lenses anywhere. You want to put your contacts into a special contact lens case that is designed to protect your lenses. This will keep your lenses safe when you are not wearing them. Your lens case is not made to be long-lasting; you should trade it out regularly to keep your lens clean.

#3: Give Your Eyes a Break

It is essential to understand your eyes are not designed to wear contact lenses twenty-four hours a day. There isn't an exact time limit for how long you should wear your contact lenses. You will want to observe how your eyes feel to make sure you don't irritate your eyes. Generally, you will want to take your contacts out at night; they are not designed to sleep in. You may also want to take your contact-outs if your eyes are feeling tired; wear your contacts when you need them, not all the time.

#4: Use Eyedrops

Everyone's eyes will adapt at different rates to wearing contact lenses, and your eyes may feel dry. If your eyes feel dry, you can take out the contact lenses or use some eye drops to add moisture to your eyes. You will want to carry eye drops with you so that you always have them when you need them.

With contact lenses, you will want to make sure you use saline solution and not tap water to clean your lenses. Keep in mind that contact lenses are not designed to be worn all the time, so take them out when you sleep. Use eye drops to keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

Contact a local optometrist to learn more about prescription contact lenses.

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