What College Students Should Know About Contact Lenses

Are you thinking about getting your first set of contact lenses? As a college student, you are trying a lot of new things. Why shouldn't contact lenses be among them?

Contact lenses can be a great tool. They can help you see better and also give you a different look. But before you jump in, there are some things college students should know about contact lenses.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses?

College students will find many benefits to wearing contact lenses compared to glasses. The first is that contacts don't fog up the way glasses do, especially when you're in a warm environment. This can be a major plus when you're trying to see the chalkboard in a warm lecture hall.

Another big benefit is that contact lenses don't get in the way when you're playing sports. If you play soccer, for example, glasses can be a real pain. They can fall off your face, get sweaty, and generally just get in the way. Contacts will stay put and give you a clear view of the action.

There are also some social benefits to wearing contacts. For some people, glasses can be a bit of a confidence killer. With contacts, you have more control over your appearance.

What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam?

A contact lens exam often begins with a vision exam. The doctor will ask you to read from an eye chart. They'll also test your peripheral vision and how well your eyes work together.

This process will also involve looking at the eyes and looking for symptoms of eye disease. The doctor will look at the front of your eye, the back of your eye, and in between. They'll also test the pressure inside your eyes to test for conditions like glaucoma.

Finally, the eye doctor will perform a fitting. This is where you'll try on different contact lenses to see which ones work best for your eyes. You'll learn how to wear and put in lenses safely.

What Kinds of Contact Lenses Are Available?

A variety of special contact lenses are available for those with specific eye conditions. The college lifestyle can be a bit challenging, so make sure that you find contacts that work for you.

What Is the Best Way to Get Contact Lenses?

One of the best ways to get contact lenses is through an eye doctor. They can also help you get used to wearing lenses and teach you how to care for them properly.

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